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Sky Blue

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    Are you looking for a cat tree for your kitten? Sky Blue is for you.  It is sturdy, the right size and provides an easy leap from the tunnel to the perch.  A small kitten can easily master this. And, the sisal post will bring excitement when the urge comes for that  invigorating scratch.  Kitty will be so...happy!
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    • Compact with Hanging Tunnel 
    • Cover Material: Faux Fleece
    • Cover Color: Sky Blue 
    • Board Material: Pressed Wood
    • Sisal wrapped scratching post 
    • Overall Dimensions: 26" (H) x 14"(W)  
    • Base Dimensions: 20" x 14"  
    • Perch Dimensions:14" x 12"
    • Max Holding Weight:15 lbs.
    • Easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions and tools

    • Replacement parts available for purchase