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Kitten tree 30 Inches High C

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    This kitten tree is an amazing little oasis. This 30"
    scratching post is just the right size for kitty.  Playing
    on it will be a pleasure for him and he will love the cat
    house with its comfy ultra soft Faux Fleece. This post
    will be his place of security and heavenly bliss.
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    • Covering Material: Ultra-soft Faux Fleece
    • Color: Goldenrod
    • Board Material: Pressed Wood
    • Post Diameter: 3"
    • Scratching post: Sisal Wrapped
    • Dimensions:  22"(W) X 30"(H)
    • Base Dimensions: 16" X 16"
    • Max Holding Weight: 15 lbs.
    • Easy to assemble with step by step instructions
           Replacement parts available for purchase