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Cat Tree 26 Inches High

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    This cat tree is compact, 26" high, and sky blue color. If you like blue, this one is for you. This cat furniture provides an easy jump from the tunnel top to the perch. A small kitten can easily master this. The sisal wrapped scratching post will excite your kitty when the urge comes for an invigorating scratch. This product has been approved by Jackson Galaxy of Animal Planet fame. 
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    • Compact with Hanging Tunnel 
    • Cover Material: Faux Fleece
    • Cover Color: Sky Blue 
    • Board Material: Pressed Wood
    • Sisal wrapped scratching post 
    • Overall Dimensions: 26" (H) x 14"(W)  
    • Base Dimensions: 20" x 14"  
    • Perch Dimensions:14" x 12"
    • Max Holding Weight:15 lbs.
    • Easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions and tools

    • Replacement parts available for purchase