Cats and Trees

Outside Cats Love Trees.

Outside cats love trees. Cats are natural climbing mammals. Early cats lived in forests. Being able to quickly scurry up a tree, meant survival for them. It was, and actually is to this day, a cat's way of evading their predators. They also love to be up high to look for their prey. Another reason cats enjoy them, is scratching . Scratching keeps their nails sharp for tearing their prey apart. It also removes the dead outer layer of their claws, plus the scent glands on their paws mark their territory.

Inside Cats Love Trees

House cats do not have availability to the outdoors where they can scratch whatever they want. However, they do enjoy a high cat tower. Cat furniture with sisal wrapped posts are a delight for any cat. Sisal posts are hard and rough. The consistency for your cat, is similar to tree bark.

House cats don't climb trees and predators are not a threat to them. However, they still need to be able to climb. There are times when kitty wants to get away from a pet dog or perhaps to much loving attention from children. Climbing to the highest perch of a scratching post gives security to the cat. Climbing high also gives the cat needed exercise. Exercise is vital to a cat's over all health, both physical and mental.

Every cat needs a cat tree. Their innate nature to scratch tells us that they are going to scratch something. We certainly don't want our furniture scratched or our curtains ripped. That is why it is so important for the cat to have an option. A high, sturdy, and appropriate scratching post will satisfy her desires for climbing and scratching. And, when we see the feline contentedly cat napping on her high vertical post, we realize how much she really loves it.

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Cats love trees



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